Converting a selection to Vector based Shape

Photoshop tranformer une sélection en Vecteurs

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Just a tip on how to convert your current selection to a shape that also can be used in future as vector format.

Take the selection with your favorite method.

In my case i use the magic wand tool

After you took the selection go to path palette and press the little arrow on the top right corner, then select the “make work path


enter the tolerance value 0.5, why..? because we want to maintain the original selection as much as possible…Note here that the value less than 0.5 is not acceptable.

Now your work path should be created..

Now go to the Edit menu and select “Define Custom shape”

Enter the name of desired shape and press OK

Now this shape is available under the Custom Shapes.

Just use it in the  way you want and enjoy.

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Numérique : A la Bastille !

Les webs du Gévaudan

« Il nous faut agir pour une France numérique dans tous les domaines et dans tous les secteurs avec de l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace » déclarait Laure de la Raudière ( députée UMP) lors de la présentation  à quelques (valeureux) ministres du rapport sur le numérique qu’elle vient de rédiger avec sa collègue Corinne Erhel (députée PS) …laquelle « prolongeait » cette « injonction » par un «casser des silos tant politiques qu’administratifs…. L’innovation est le cœur de la réussite de la conversion et de la transformation numérique faut dépasser nos blocages culturels, aller plus vite , oser, agir ….c’est une révolution culturelle à tous les échelons sur la nécessité d’avoir une approche de plus en plus innovante et ouverte »  

Ce n’est certes pas la première fois que nous entendons un tel discours tant au niveau européen que national ou local.  Malheureusement…

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Video: ArdaSol monitors this photovoltaic plant

Video: ArdaSol monitors this photovoltaic plant

Opérational whole solar system mastered with displays, even wireless informations… Seducing !

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Heinz Pieren’s ArdaSol was recently featured on the official Arduino blog. This innovative platform is designed to monitor energy production and consumption of a domestic photovoltaic plant.

ArdaSol can be broken down into three primary components. The first – known as ArdaSol Display – is built around an Atmel-basedArduino Mega board (ATmega2560 MCU) and tasked with collecting data, as well as relaying information to a remote server.

Next up is the Energy Monitor, which is powered by an an Atmel-basedArduino Uno (ATmega328 MCU). This component measures consumption, displays energy values and relays data to the ArdaSol display.

Last, but certainly not least, the Remote PVI Interface is based on a (second) Arduino Uno. The PVI is equipped with an RS485 interface connected to the ArdaSol remote, effectively acting as a gateway to the ArdaSol Display.

“It converts the requests, with a radio signal to…

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GOOGLE – MANDELA. Google rend un vibrant hommage à Nelson Mandela pour ses 96 ans

GOOGLE – MANDELA. Google rend un vibrant hommage à Nelson Mandela pour ses 96 ans

Anniversaire naissance – MANDELA. Google rend un vibrant hommage à Nelson Mandela : via @KamerunScoop

Allain Jules

MandelaNelson Rolihlahla Mandela plus connu sous le nom de Nelson Mandela dans le monde et Madiba en Afrique du sud est mort le 5 décembre dernier. Et anonymes ou puissants l’ont pleuré, l’a noté Le Point ce matin. Nelson Mandela est une des grandes icônes du XXe siècle, à l’instar de Gandhi ou de Martin Luther King. Un homme courageux, un homme bon, un leader, qui est néanmoins accusé par certains de trahison. Google lui rend un vibrant hommage ce matin, date de sa naissance…

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Atmel celebrates 50 billion with ARM

Atmel celebrates 50 billion with ARM

ATMEL major fournisseur de processeurs fêtes ses 50 milliards de mille processeurs

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

ARM – which employs over 2,000 people around the globe – has billions of RISC-based processors in the wild and powers approximately 95% of the world’s smartphones. Recently, the British company marked a major milestone: 50 billion ARM-powered chips shipped.

Commenting on the milestone, Reza Kazerounian, Senior Vice President of Microcontrollers at Atmel, noted that ARM helps embedded developers significantly accelerate the development cycle by offering access to standard cores and an extensive ecosystem, including software and reference designs.

Kazerounian also said the next 100 billion chips will likely be led by intelligent connectivity, primarily in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT).

As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, Atmel offers an extensive portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) based on the world’s most popular 8- and 32-bit architectures: Atmel AVR and ARM. Indeed, Atmel’s two decades of microcontroller leadership and innovation include many industry-firsts:

  • The first Flash microcontroller, the first…

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What I Really Think About Facebook

blog maverick

Lets talk Facebook

First, I’m not recommending to any of my companies that we leave facebook. I am recommending that we de-emphasize pushing consumers or partners to like us on FB and focus on building up our followings across all existing social media platforms and to evaluate those that we feel can grow a material following. In the past we put FB first, twitter second. FB has been moved to the bottom of a longer list.

At the core of the issues I have with FB is how FB thinks about itself .

This is from their page on Newsfeed, Engagement and Promoted Posts : “In this way, we can keep news feed an engaging service where people come to get the information that is most interesting to them.” FB believes that their news feed is an engaging information source.    They seem to really, really want to…

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