– Putting an end to “clients” – Rosen Hircher

– Putting an end to “clients” – Rosen Hircher

I do not accord with many conclusion of this writing.
But I do think it is an interresting testimony.

Rosen Hicher is a French survivor of prostitution. Here is a translation of an Op-Ed she published in the French daily LIBÉRATION http://www.liberation.fr/societe/2014/07/17/pour-en-finir-avec-les-clients_1065741, in July 2014, as a group of French senators are trying to derail a bill based on the Nordic Model that would penalize “sex purchasers” (paying rapists).
At a time when the Senate protects customers, I, a former prostitute, shall tell you why I want France to make every effort to do away with these men who have ruined my life for over twenty years. I found the strength to do the calculation. Listen carefully. I had more than 30 000 clients in my career as a prostitute, at an average rate of four per day.
More than 30,000 sex acts that I did not want, that I refused with my whole body. 30,000 times the feeling of being denied, reduced to nothingness, to being a female…

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Site Selection for Lunar Industrialization, Economic Development, and Settlement

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The subject of a lunar landing site/outpost/base has been explored extensively. Due to the cost and complexity involved, until now this has been almost the exclusive domain of government. In the United States we have gone through at least three generations of work in this area since the Apollo era. The vast majority of these plans and projects have been science driven, and scientific priorities have governed site selection and architecture. The general purpose here is to develop something fundamentally different. The general question to be investigated is; what would a non- governmental lunar development look like, premised upon economic development, industrialization and settlement? The specific purpose here is to zero in on a location so that further development and cost estimation can begin soon.

The question of lunar development and its importance was discussed in an exceptional activity at a major Silicon Valley venture capital office in August…

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